Toners 2014 Conference Program

Chair, Art Diamond, Diamond Research Corporation


Monday, June 2

12:00 Noon

Exhibitor Set-up

1:00 PM Tutorial 1: Toner 101
Speaker:  John Cooper, CEO, Toner Research Services
A classroom-style presentation that provides a basic understanding of the electrophotographic imaging process, toner properties, formulation and manufacturing methods. This Tutorial also includes a discussion of mechanical versus chemical toner production, the anatomy of dry toner particle shape, size, surface properties, and recent trends in color and biotoners.more detailed information

3:00 PM Tutorial 2: Ink Jet Ink 101
Speaker:  Michael Andreattola, President, American Ink Jet Corporation
A lecture featuring the fundamentals of inkjet printing science and technology. Attendees will learn about the broad variety of water, solvent and eco-solvent based inkjet inks that serve a wide diversity of applications ranging from office imaging to wide format vehicle wraps, fabrics and garments, electronic circuit boards, ceramic imaging. It will also discuss the ongoing battle between inkjet and toner technology; the latest advances in ink jet printhead design, and the cost per page economics of inkjet versus toner-based printers. more detailed information

6:00 PM - Welcome Reception in the Ronald Reagan Room


Tuesday, June 3

7:00 AM - Registration/Breakfast

8:00 AM
Conference Introduction
Terry Gorka and Art Diamond

8:30 AM Keynote Address
Speaker:  Robert Ross, CEO and Founder, 
(Representing Xanté
and Memjet)
Robert Ross’s keynote address will cover the relevance of high-speed digital output today and tomorrow using toner and inkjet. It will also provide an overview of one of the fastest output engines in existence. It will address the relevance of the conference to all of the attendees, and the importance of developing partnerships. Attendees will learn about a special “Linked In” account developed specifically for those participating in the conference as a networking tool. The keynote address will also be interactive, engaging, and challenging with the opportunity for input from the audience.

9:00 AM Session 1
Key Trends Shaping the Electrophotographic Markets
Speaker: Charles Brewer, CEO, Actionable Intelligence
An overview of recent printer introductions and factors shaping the current market for electrophotographic equipment and supplies. The talk will explain where things stand in the battle between original equipment makers (OEMs) and remanufacturers and how factors like legal issues and the rise of MPS are changing relationship and markets.

10:00 AM - Morning Break

10:30 AM Session 2
Update on Industry Litigation
Speaker: Steven Adkins, Partner, Allen & Overy LLP
Presentation on dealing with IP infringement issues in US district court, the International Trade Commission and at US Customs.

11:15 AM Session 3
Inkjet Update
Speaker:  Dr. Ray A. Work, III, Work Associates
Dr. Work is one of the pioneers in the development of inkjet inks and media at DuPont. He is President of a well-known consulting business that began partnering with the Chinese on specialty papers and media well before most the industry realized the cost benefits of doing so. Dr. Work has kept a close watch on the latest developments in inkjet printing technology and breakthroughs into traditional toner markets and will be discussing these developments.

12:00 PM - Luncheon



1:30 PM Session 4
OEM, Service Provider and Content Creator Panel I and Panel II
Moderator: Dr. Harvey R. Levenson, Director, GrCI, Cal Poly

From OEM to User - The impact of toner and inkjet printing on
- Technology Developers
- Service Providers
- Content Creators

What are the issues, successes, applications and future?


Ken Butcher, Director of Production Print/Digital Press, Ultrex (representing Konica Minolta)
Tom McHugh, General Manager - Materials Technology & Business Development, Eastman Kodak Company
Robert Ross, CEO and Founder, Xanté
Ron Sarne, Business Development Manager, Hewlett Packard Graphic Solutions
Kevin Shimamoto, VP Sales & Marketing, Memjet Wide Format, Memjet
Leon Williams, Chief Scientist for Fiery, Electronics for Imaging (EFI)

There will be two informative and interactive panel presentations, shedding light on application, quality, and bottom-line issues of immediate use to participants without being a commercial advertisement. Each panel will last approximately 45 minutes. Click here for more information

3:00 PM - Afternoon Break

3:30 PM Session 5
Production Printing
Speaker:  Ken Butcher, Director of Production Print/Digital Press, Ultrex - representing Konica Minolta and Ultrex
Toner and inkjet are fast becoming the media of choice for monochromatic and color printing. The digital presses and related output devices using such media are becoming faster and larger, and compete favorably in quality with traditional printing processes such as offset. This session covers the flexibility of toner and inkjet systems and provides practical tips on maximizing media mileage as well as for maintaining consistent quality and productivity for long- and short-run operations.

4:15 PM Session 6
Advances and Trends in Emerging Biotoners & Other Products
Speakers: Dr. Richard C. Bopp, Senior Materials Scientist, NatureWorks
This Session explores the increasing use of biotoners and the potential impact this will have on the toner industry. This presentation will include information on what percentage of biocontent is possible with today’s technology and what percentage is required to qualify for preferred vendor status in accordance with current U.S. government regulations. It will also discuss the economics of biotoner production and consumer reaction to the premium price for a “green” toner.

5:00 PM Session 7
Protecting Intellectual Property in the Imaging Consumables Market.
Moderator: Allen Westerfield, President, Imaging Supplies Coalition
Brand protection in the Imaging Supplies Industry is undergoing a great deal of change and is increasing in importance to all stakeholders. This presentation will include a brief overview of the work and activities of the Imaging Supplies Coalition.  Also reviewed will be the current IPR issues facing the industry with a focus on the patent issues revolving around new build compatibles.

5:30 PM Session 8
“Open Mike” Networking
Moderator: Terry Gorka, Managing Director, The Tiara Group
An interactive session where attendees have the opportunity to present up to a five-minute overview of their company’s products, achievements, and contributions to the industry. Participation is on a first come-first served basis. A signup sheet will be provided at registration.

6:00 PM - Reception on the Rotunda


Wednesday, June 4

7:30 AM - Registration/Breakfast

8:00 AM Session 9
Worldwide Toner Production
Speaker:  Graham Galliford, Regional Manager Asia Pacific, TROY Group
This presentation will examine the worldwide toner manufacturing industry and give details of the structure with analysis of production volumes and distribution patterns including details of some important players. This presentation will also examine the present and future of the industry from both technology and marketing viewpoints.

9:00 AM Session 10
Panel Discussion: Main Factors Impacting Office Printing
Moderator: Charles Brewer, President, Actionable Intelligence
Panel of Experts

This session covers the various factors influencing the markets for office machines and consumables including the trend towards lower page volumes, the rise of business-class inkjets, the growing popularity of MPS contract, and the proliferation of mobile computer devices—smart phones, iPod’s, tablets, etc.—which is growing along with the number of remote workers.  Although digital printing is a fixture in every modern office, printing environments in small, medium, and large companies continue to evolve.

10:00 AM - Morning Break

10:30 AM Session 11
Panel Discussion: Less Consumables, More Service - Is this the Future for OEMs?
Moderator: Art Diamond, President, Diamond Research Corporation
Panel of Experts

There has been a major shift away from the brand emphasis on manufacturing and towards the lucrative business of “services.” This trend was triggered by Xerox’s announcement in 2013 that its service income exceeded sales revenues. Ricoh then followed by adopting a “servitization” program to shift the focus of its marketing operations.This panel will address the question: Is this a temporary adjustment for the times or a more permanent trend?

11:30 AM Session 12
Xerography Comes Full Circle
Speaker: Tomas McHugh, Ph. D., General Manager - Materials Technology & Business Development, Eastman Kodak Company
The past, present and future of Green Printing. A holistic approach to providing cost beneficial green solutions for the printing industry with particular emphasis on Electro Photographic imaging materials and the manufacturing technologies used in their production.

12:30 PM- Luncheon


2:00 PM Session 13
Update on Specialty Toners
Chris Povirk, Coates Toners
EP toners have been used to meet specialized needs since their commercial introduction in the late 1950’s.  This presentation will explore some the current and historical applications, as well as, their specialized marketing.

2:30 PM Session 14
Pigments and Colorants
Speaker:  Jack Gormley, Business Development Manager, Sun Chemical Corporation
An overview of organic pigments with a focus on the performance and commercial requirements for color toners. Challenges and opportunities presented by the shift from traditional to digital printing processes.

3:00 PM Session 15
Toner Resins and Waxes
Speaker:  Ken Spatola, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Image Polymers
This presentation will feature a discussion of differentiated products, including low volatile SA's, Wax containing SA's, polyester grinding aids and more.

3:30 PM - Afternoon Break

4:00 PM Session 16
An Overview of Today’s Toner Additives
Speaker:  John Cooper, President, Toner Research Services / Consultant, Esprix Technologies
No toner formula is complete without including those miraculous additives that control electrostatic charge acceptance, promote powder flow, or adjust fusing characteristics. This presentation explores the most popular and the most recent additives used by toner chemists to achieve the ultimate in toner performance and image quality.

4:30 PM Session 17
Nano-Pigment Dispersions - Requirements for New Digital Industrial and Commercial Inkjet Applications
Speaker: Joseph Ward, Ph. D., Vice President of Marketing, RJA Dispersions, LLC
The digital printing industry is experiencing dramatic change.  Page and page equivalents are declining in many traditional print markets.  At the same time the technology advances in ink jet printing are making fixed array, continuous web ink jet printing with offset quality possible. High reliability dispersions are the fundamental building blocks for the innovative new Ink Jet Inks required to address these markets.  

4:45 PM Wrap Up

5:30 PM
Conference Ends

All presentations are subject to change. Updates will be provided as they develop.